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Psychological support

During participating in a program of surrogacy clients may experience various fears or depressive fantasies. Appeal to a psychologist - is an opportunity to get out of the anxiety and look at your situation objectively.

We offer biological parents and surrogate mothers are several types of psychological support:

Индивидуальная психотерапия иконка   Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy - the most effective method for strengthening of personal potential and activation of internal resources. In the psychologist's office client receives highly skilled help in dealing with stress, obtain useful skills and knowledge about himself.

Cooperation with psychologists help distinguish individual needs and demands from expectations of society and situation. Also, together with a specialist it is easier to deal with stereotypes of behavior and develop a personal approach at a meeting with the difficult circumstances, to control the level of stress and mood swings.

Services of specialist will help go through the whole process of participation in the surrogate maternity program without additional anxiety and stress.

Family counseling   Family counseling

Diagnostic and therapeutic measures during the planning of pregnancy or infertility treatment may exacerbate mental and emotional stress, which over time continues to increase and may cause feelings of guilt and anxiety. This all finds reflection in the relationships of spouses.

Family counseling is aimed at creating an atmosphere of acceptance and support within couples. During the course discussions and appliance of the most effective behavior models that may assist in achieving their goals and finding optimal solutions in each case are conducted. As a result of this work comfort and efficiency of interaction with each other and with professionals at all stages are significantly increasing.

Pregnancy care   Pregnancy care

The service is provided for biological and / or a surrogate mothers. Cooperation with a specialist will help women cope more easily with the typical gestation period of excitement, anxiety and lack of confidence in their abilities.

Интегративная психодиагностика   Deep psych diagnosis

Psychodiagnostics reveals personality traits, according to which the proposed strategy aimed at maximum effective passage of all stages of treatment and procedures. It helps to correctly interpret and communicate adequately with their own feelings, to raise productivity and self-esteem.

The first consultation of the psychologist

The frequency of consultations and duration of therapy depends on the patient's goals. During the first introductory meeting patient receives recommendations that reflect his individual request. A specialist may recommend a focal work consisting of a series of meetings or, if necessary, family counseling.

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