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For biological parents

Agency Reprio carries out selection of a surrogate mother, and offers its clients several types of surrogacy programs, donor programs and family counseling.

Surrogate maternity with Reprio

The selection of a surrogate mother should be performed by professionals. Our agency is working in this field for over 5 years, so today we have a large database of surrogate mothers. All these women were examined in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and underwent psychological testing for readiness to participate in surrogate maternity program.

n order to participate in the program of surrogate maternity, a woman must meet the requirements of the law: to be no older than 35 and have at least one healthy child. If the surrogate mother is in a registered marriage, her husband must give their consent to participate in the program of surrogate maternity.

If desired prospective parents can take advantage of a donor egg program. The Agency has a directory of relevant donors.

We pay special attention to competent legal support of surrogacy programs and donations, which, in our view, helps to establish trusting relationships. We also have consultations on issues of reproductive rights: the parent capital, social tax deduction for medical treatment, etc.

суррогатное материнство с Reprio

We take care of all issues related to the program: household, technical problems, the selection of clinics, where a surrogate mother will be observed during pregnancy and childbirth, etc.

In surrogacy programs, donor programs and reproductive tourism provides a variety of service packages and it is also possible to create a personalized program that will include all your wishes.

We cooperate with many medical institutions of Reproductive Technologies in Moscow, which allows you to find a clinic that meets all your needs.

Agency provides complete confidentiality of its programs.

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