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For Surrogate mother

If you decided to become a surrogate mother, and meet all the conditions of participation in the program, please contact our specialists and they will answer all your questions.

To become a surrogate mother, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have your own child
  • Be between the ages of 20-35
  • Have a positive Rh factor
  • To be tested in your regional women's clinic

Required tests include:

  • general blood analysis
  • clinical urine analysis
  • A blood test for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis
  • Microscopic examination of vaginal smears
  • Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs (the endometrium, the lack of tumors)
  • fluorography
  • electrocardiogram
  • Examination by a therapist and conclusion on health
  • Medical note from the district psycho-neurological clinic at the domicile (the original)
  • Medical note from the district Drug Dependency Clinic at the domicile (the original).

If you are in officially registered marriage, you need to obtain the consent of the spouse to participate in surrogate maternity program.

After passing all examinations you will have a talk with our psychologist and our lawyer. Further you will conclude the contract, where will be established the amount of compensation for the restoration of health after pregnancy and childbirth. Compensation is not paid for the unborn child, and you can get it after you sign the agreement on the transfer of the child's biological parents.

In the contract also prescribed the size of monthly compensation during pregnancy and other significant issues.

To become a surrogate mother:

  • Please call +7-800-775-53-72; +7-499-220-00-12
    and sign up for consultation.
  • Come and visit us for an interview with a
    psychologist, a doctor and a lawyer.
  • Complete all necessary examinations.
  • Upon successful completion of interviews and analyzes,
    we prepare you for the program, select a family
    and conclude the contract.

At the first consultation, please, bring:

  • Birth certificate of the child / children,
    the certificate marriage / divorce.
  • Medical notes and analysis of the women's clinic.

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