5 years
on market
Maintenance in reproductive medicine
Мы работаем, чтобы Вы услышали смех своего ребенка

About us

REPRIO — is the leading agency for
support of surrogate maternity

  • more than 5 years on market
  • During this time, 65 pairs
    had born 82 children
  • Cooperating with leading
    Moscow doctors
    and clinics

Our company deals with the legal and technical implementation of surrogate maternity programs.

With the help of experienced doctors, lawyers, psychologists, we carry out the selection of surrogate mothers and donors, execute a contract between the biological parents and the surrogate mother, watching the performance of a contract, provide patronage for the surrogate mother during pregnancy and childbirth, register the child in the Civil Registry Office.

We are also working in the direction of reproductive tourism.

Reproductive tourism – a practice associated with the temporary departure to another country for reproductive treatment to conception / gestation / childbirth. It can be viewed as a special case of medical tourism, that is, intentional travel to another country to obtain the necessary treatment.

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